Dr. Makoto Shichida, an eminent educator, devoted nearly 40 years of his life to validate his research work and explore different capabilities of children by creating 450+ Shichida Centers all around Japan. You can find only a few located outside Japan.
According to Professional Shichida, the primary purpose to provide education in the near and distant future would be to utilize the brain power of kids. Rearing the kids would be done to bring out the creative best from the kids.
If kids develop photographic memory, then speed reading, or performing highly complicated mathematical calculations on their heads, and utilizing the full potentiality of brain to resolve problems would become simply easier. The kids would then excel in different segments of life.
It is necessary to help a kid in developing his/her brain potentiality. According to Dr. Shichida, there is no such thing as inferior brain. It is all about properly developed brain and partially developed brain that are responsible in identifying the behavioral traits among kids.
Once the MidBrain inspiration part concludes, a person developes tremendous third-eye power and special capability to see and thing about scenarios blindfolded.Speaking about Pineal imagination, it can be simply transformed into nerve impulse that would reach the hypothalamus. Accordingly, the retina receives signaling through the nerves. The retina also provides rise to virtual imaging and the visual cortex of image from brain is passed as nerve impulses to generate awareness.
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