Psychometric Tests

Psychometric test is carried out to measure the behavioral style and mental capabilities of an individual being. The text is being designed in a manner that would help in measuring the appropriateness for a candidate in judging whether a particular role/responsibility would be ideal for the person to be assigned. The test focuses on the aptitude and characteristic traits of the person. The test helps in identifying the cognitive abilities of the candidate in accordance to the desired role and responsibility to figure out the chances. 



Multiple Intelligence Theory

There are eight kinds of Intelligence by which one person differs from another. Though we have eight intelligence but each one is developed in a particular way that makes us unique and different from each other.According toMultiple Intelligence Theory, anyone with higher level of aptitude in some specific type of intelligence need not necessarily have to have equal higher level of aptitude in other intelligence fields.Howard Gardner, a professor of the Harvard University (USA) wrote a book Frames of Mind in 1983 that reflected strongly on Multiple Intelligence Theory.Some of the very crucial questions that are often associated with Multiple Intelligence theory:Are athletes, violinists, and chess players who are tagged as extra talented, comes with highest level of intelligence in their specific disciplines?What is the reason that such abilities are not at all accounted for those traditional IQ exams?  So,What makes the terms “intelligence” being so limited to minimal range of human endeavors related to logical, linguistic, and mathematical talents? According to Multiple Intelligence Theory, you can easily divide human intelligence into 8 categories. 


Mackenzie's Theory

Walter Mackenzie, the mastermind behind Multiple Intelligence Survey (1999 – 2013) tries to categorize the 8 intelligence being suggested by Dr. Howard Gardner into 3 domains. In doing so, he tries to make it more understandable to figure out the fluid relationship of intelligence and how intelligence works perfectly while in combination. 



R.I.A.S.E.C Theory

Holland Codes has tried to represent a specific set of personalities that’s being mentioned in the Vocational and Careers Theory of psychologist John L. Holland. According toHolland, vocational choices being made helps in identifying the personality traits. Also, the 6-factor typology can be beneficial in describing the work environment related to the behavioral traits of both the person. According to Holland’s typology, a certain interpretative structure concerning different kinds of vocational interest surveys could be easily developed.  Presently, his model is being adopted by United States Dept. of Labor to categorize jobs related to the interests. 

Holland’s 6 personality and work environment types are normally referred to by their first alphabets: R (Realistic), I (Investigative), A (Artistic), S (Social), E (Enterprising), and C (Conventional).The 12 factors being evaluated are responsible for the 6 dimensions of R.I.A.S.E.C model. It is necessary to recognize your primary interest level to have a clear understanding about your professional and potentiality and aspirations.