Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it possible for my kids to attain the workshop?
Yes, absolutely if your kids are of age group 5-15 years. The language of the workshop is English. Irrespective of your kid’s academic excellence or achievement levels, the workshop would be eyeing in improving and enhancing the kids brain power to improve the abilities even further.

Q. What benefits are associated with when kids attend workshops based on the Blindfold Reading Method?
Once the workshop is being attended, kids would experience enhanced creativity, improved memory functioning, better concentration level, proper emotion management, and boost in the confidence level.

Q. What if my kids already have higher talents? Will the course still prove to be useful?
As per research, Albert Einstein even didn’t used more than 10% of his brain. The Midbrain Activation course has enough potential to improve the intelligence level of a kid from average to outstanding. This type of a workshop not only improves the IQ level but also the EQ level of the kids. It also makes the kids develop a certain emotional balance.

Q. What if my kid is unable to improve on his/her ability post the training? Does it prove the inefficiency of the course?
Well, it’s common. Some students fail to experience improvement post the training session. However, such scenarios won’t last long enough. The course helps in improving the memory, intellect level, and concertation. More practice is required to grip the substances and experience benefits from the course after it gets over.
Q. Is there any evidence to prove the effectiveness of the workshop?
Believe it or not but post the workshop your kid would be able to read the book totally blindfolded and even at times upside down.

Q. What are the side effects associated with midbrain activation program?
Don’t worry because there are absolutely no side effects associated with the MB activation program. No, there are no side effects after midbrain activation. Once midbrain gets activated, brain starts to secrete special kind of hormones that helps in balancing the development process of both right and left brain. This allows the brain to function at it optimum best. It would help in improving the brain power of the kids, thus making them more intelligent. Midbrain is basically a part of brain tissue lying within the brain. During the training process, there are simply no substances being added to it. Just some few steps to follow and things get sorted out perfectly.
Midbrain activation procedure is also known as Blindfolded self-training method. It has been of tremendous benefit to the students without the risk of any kind of side-effects.

 Q. Can you explain me the condition of midbrain pre-and post the activation program?
Midbrain is the part of brain that controls the right side and left side of the brain. It is the key point that bridges and opens the subconscious level. It helps in awakening the cerebrum’s potentiality through the knowledge to absorb power, reversal of stress, and highly effective memory.
Once the midbrain gets activated, the efficiency level of it would be very close to that of broadband surfer. It can easily search and download the information to cater up with the present day needs and ever changing requirement. If you compare it to that part of brain that’s not been activated, the midbrain’s efficiency level can be compared to 56K dial-up MODEM device that would be able to process at normal speed.

Q. Once the midbrain gets activated, would the effectiveness be long-lived or for a specific time frame?
Once the midbrain gets activated, it would require a practice session of 2-3 times on a weekly basis to embrace the natural brain waves. Every time the practice session would last for a minimum 5 minutes and maximum 10 minutes. If the kid be able to practice on a consistent basis, the midbrain activation effect would be long lived.